Premature Birth /Chronic Lung Disease of Infancy/Bronchpulmonary Dysplasia of Infancy (BPD)

An increase in survival of preterm, immature (less than 37 weeks gestation) infants has contributed to an increase in BPD.

There is an increase in admission to hospital in the first 2 years after birth for respiratory infections and asthma.

Although BPD occurs commonly in infants that have

1.Been ventilated
2.Needed CPAP/SIPAP/BIPAP or non invasive ventilation
3.Needed oxyen for a prolonged period after birth
4.Children that needed ECMO (Heart and Lung Bypass)

It can occur in infants who have minimal lung disease that are premature.In these infants there are fewer ,larger simplified alveoli,fewer pulmonary arteries and mild airway smooth muscle thickening.

50% of infants with BPD will need admission for respiratory infection especially RSV.

Older children should have lung function testing done at least once if they were premature and are struggling with sports at school.